More Random Eloquence

4 06 2012

Shiny happy people are we, huddled in our respective dwellings, be they glamourised cardboard boxes or downtrodden mansions. Lives connected by the baud, bit by bit fed, expanding our humanity. Such joyous times all.

Living as part of an internet community is a bit weird now that I sit here and think about it. Electrical impulses connected by other electrical impulses zipping round the globe in order to find parity with others. Think of how random events occur to make all this possible, that you are reading this right now. Is it chance? Or is it fate? You could go mad thinking of the possibilities… or maybe you have to be mad to think of them. They do say you need imagination to think of God, what happens if you think beyond God?

All getting a little grandiose isn’t it. Ahh well, do I have a point? If we’re talking about me specifically then I will maintain a healthy “Not really no”. However, with regards to this post, it might still be a “Not really no” but at least this post isn’t hungry to chow down on the barrel of a 12 bore (ooh err missus).

Oh yes, it’s one of those days when my imagination runs amock with verbosity as my personality desires the finality. I guess when all is said done I’m blogging because I have nothing else to do with myself. For some reason I am not so inclined to put pen to paper which is a little… I don’t know, I’m not sure how I feel about that. Is it important? Not especially, just a distracting side issue I guess as I’ve always been quick to scribble black on white. Ah well, something for me to muse over (as always).

So, in an attempt to leave behind the overly complex text, I’m laying here thinking about the state of the madosphere. This internet community, this special interest group, it’s been through some strange times, like it’s been hit by a metaphorical 5.0. I’m used to the fickle nature of the net but it’s been a bit of a rocky road and it may be a little while before we’re back to where we were. For some reason I’m good at spotting potential and yes I can spot it within the madosphere but I think I’m going to have to be a bit pragmatic about it. Cryptic huh. My reason for this is because I’m a paranoid sonofabitch. Also, I may be talking of my ass so anyway so… umm… Anyway, I believe that whilst we’re going through tough times, there is hope that things will evolve and that there won’t be situations akin to Godzilla attacking Tokyo (as in bizarre and ultimately pointless whilst leaving a trail of devastation). Whether or not this prediction will come true you never know but hey ho.



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