Not The Magic Number

7 06 2012

So, I have something that not a lot of people know about me, a quirk that I haven’t told anyone about. You’re probably going to read about it and be thinking to yourself “Umm… okay” but it’s something that affects my life and may be affecting the life of someone close to you. So please, think of the children and read on.

I hate the number…. 14.

Yes, it’s strange but it’s a number I struggle to use, as in unless I have write it, I just won’t use it, I believe it’s so unlucky that I will never set the volume to that number, it goes 13 then 15 but never inbetween. Were I to see the volume set by someone else to that number, I would either try to get the volume changed or walk away from whatever it was. Friday the 13th holds no fear for me, but Friday the you know what fills me with dread.

Where does this link come from? I think it spans from making a link between things not going wrong on the 13th but more often going wrong on the [redacted number]th. It’s just expanded from there I guess. Sad but true.

In all seriousness, yes, I have (lets be honest here) an irrational fear of the number. It doesn’t cause me major trouble but as you can tell, it causes me discomfort. Now that I think about it, it’s a depressing situation to be in although this is likely because I berate myself for anything I perceive as a failing. Ho hum, the world keeps turning.



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