Time To Easy Wipe Think

13 08 2012

Yanno, I’ve been doing this for a while and I can definitely say that things haven’t gotten any easier but who’d I be fooling if I thought they were going to? Suffice to say I’m in a cerebral mood so this could either get interesting or meh. What’s your money on?

No, things haven’t got easier, some things have got worse, somethings have got (arguably at least) better. Such as? Well, worse is being long term unemployed and living with my parents. Better… if I had to choose something then I’d have to say I know more about myself than I used to. Ok, in a general context it means that even with this extra knowledge nowt has happened which makes it sucky when looked at in that light. Yet in a more specific context it means I have more potential to get shit sorted because the intracacies of my condition are more visible than they were.

Sounds good doesn’t it, sounds very dynamic and all of that, a good thing as we’re encouraged to empower ourselves in our care. Shame it still feels like shit as I struggle to figure out what the hell to do next as I wait the three months (yes really) to see the psychiatrist at the CMHT responsible for my care.

Not that I think they’re useless, they are what they are – A barely relevant facet of my existence which only clings on due to everyone elses dependence on their flawed opinions and inability to work thanks to politics crippling it and no-one giving a toss.

If my GP were responsible for my care with only references to psychiatrists etc when required then it’s quite possible things would move a bit faster/better. I will admit there’s a flaw in this argument because my GP is a bit out of touch with me as is but hey, being prescribed something without it being discussed, all because of a flawed blood test shouldn’t be a case for disappointment should it.

*sigh* I guess it’s all getting to the point where I wonder as to the point of it all. Perhaps I should have a plan. Not my forté but then that’s me, a guy who arranges his life on whiteboards n rarely manages to stay on track with that. My CMHT as an irrelevance that I need to keep in my life. My GP who, bless her, is a pleasant enough person but a bit out of touch.

Yes, it’s all going well.

Ok, enough moping around. Despite my derision of the situation, I should get on with at least try to figure things out somehow. This will be easier after purchasing a mahoosive whiteboard. Not exactly conventional but hey, if you thought that was a little odd then I’m about to try an experiment. I’m going to ask you lot what someone in my position to do. That’s right, I’m going to try crowdsourcing my care. All ideas are welcome, no matter how random they are, so hit me what you got and I’ll take it under advisement.

As ideas go, it’s no worse than waiting for those who are meant to be doing it actually stepping in. So why not?



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