Just Call Me Marvin

15 08 2012

I wonder if you remember my YouTube video explaining mood swings etc. I do but then I made it. Why I’m referencing this is that it helped me as I spotted when I was likely to start the down part of my cycle. Fair to say I’m well into it.

So yeah, don’t expect this to be full of unicorns and rainbow shitting, pop tart™ shapped cats or narwahls protecting the universe. It’s going to be a chronical of my descent so far.

So what’s going on? Well I’m doing my usual thing of putting on a brave face when around people I like. Fortunately this means some people I don’t put up a façade, I just avoid them as much as possible. As well as that, we have the return of the old favourites of only seeing futility in situations, and suicidal ideation. The latter has got to the point where there’s palpable urges and plans, albeit vague ones. By that I mean I’ve already tried to tie a hangmans knot (gave up as the belt wouldn’t give me the necessary drop height).

Anything else? Umm, not that I can think of right now but that’s the fun of life. I’m sure something dumb will kick in. Enjoy.



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