A Little Mood Update… Or Should That Be Downdate?

25 08 2012

Did I mention that I’m going lower in my mood? I’d be shocked if I didn’t as I’ve become quite chatty about it since I can see it coming… more or less. With this low mood I find I’m starting to get something I only started getting last year – anxiety pangs.

I call them anxiety pangs because they’re not intense and I’m not entirely sure what they are. Basically I get almost a dropping sensation for no reason and get a… I dunno, a feeling like I’m abandoned or something like that, not entirely sure that’s the right way to describe it but it’s the closest I can get at the moment. I’ve had worse than the ones I’m having at the moment but these are happening a bit more often which is a touch odd.

I dunno, I really don’t. I’m not sure what the hell it means or what I should do. Get the feeling it might be my mind’s way of saying “Just shut down for now” but I couldn’t swear to that and it feels a little wrong to do so. So I’m just a bit stuck/screwed (depending on your point of view) at the moment.

On the upside, I’m planning on a new video to better describe the whole bipolar thing as I see it. Yes again, but then I think the original wasn’t exactly a glowing beacon of information or production values so I think it’s worth re-doing it. Course this means I need to get a camera in order to do it but that’s a side point. Hey ho, that’s how my day’s been going, how’s things with you?



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