Twitchy McTremor Rides Again

8 10 2012

So… where shall we begin? Umm… ok, well, I’m socialising far more than I have in the past, I’m learning japanese (because I want to), and I’m hoping to get into work sooner rather than later. Oh, and I’m Day 3 without alcohol. How’s it going? Well…

Day 1 went well, no issues at all. Day 2 was a long day but I was distracted for a good deal of it, unfortunately the end went badly as I was tired enough to sleep but my brain was sparkling away. This meant I had the weirdest nights sleep in quite a long time, with several dreams (it’s extremely rare for me to dream/remember my dreams), and even having to check that what I’d dreamt wasn’t real.

Day 3 has seen my brain sparkling away just as much as it had last night, not even with a break, just awake and brain going ten to the dozen. It’s got worse though because I’m twitching like I have tourettes (I don’t), can’t keep still n head twitches etc aren’t anywhere near as fun as you might imagine.

There’s an easy solution to this but then it’s not quite that simple (why the hell not I don’t know). I can afford the MoT for my car, or I can afford alcohol, I can’t afford both. No MoT means no driving n also reduces my ability to find work. So I’m just a little bit screwed. Ho hum, I’ll let you know how this goes.



4 responses

8 10 2012

Null, have you dropped from drinking a lot to nothing? I’m sure you know why I’m asking.

8 10 2012

Yeah I know. It’s been an average of 6.5 units a day, last day drinking was 2 units, then nothing. The only thing I can think of is that the lack of alcohol is making my brain fizz as the twitching is something I’ve experienced many times before

8 10 2012

You might be right. 6.5 isn’t a huge amount, but if it’s been consistent for a while a change might make you feel a bit different. Go steady. Keep tweeting.

21 10 2012

Sounds like you made it through detox without a seizure … (unless things got worse after this post) … Are you doing this all on your own? There is help, if you want it. Hope you post soon, just so we all know you’re OK …

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