I Think I’m Ill

26 11 2012

I don’t mean my mental health, that’s rarely been tip top, more thinking of my physical health. Got some fairly straightforward symptoms, and one or two bizarre ones going on.

I like to think of myself as a pretty resilient person, never had flu or food poisoning, no broken bones, even had to be made to go hospital when my side was hurting (turned out to be advanced appendicitis). Of course that resilience goes out the window when pain is involved, especially head (mostly toothache) pain. Possible I feel pain more intensely for some reason, which would explain why I’ve exceeded (sometimes by a large amount) the maximum recommended dose of all over the counter pain meds, and even specialist stuff like morphine (thanks to the doctors for getting that one wrong).

Anyway, back to this and the normal symptoms are a blinding headache (at the back, not the front) which, at it’s worst, makes me want to throw up, and makes my nose run. Never had a migraine so I dunno if it’s one now. Tried sleeping but my brain went into overdrive, flicking between scenes from video games, to scenes from my day, to a rather vivid and… explicit fantasy about a female friend. Not used to that, well, not when physically ill. It’s kinda like my brain is bouncing off the rev limiter and I’m getting nothing lasting more than a few seconds.

What am I going to do about it? Umm, aside from noting it down, I’ll most likely try to ignore it, popping pain meds when it gets too intense. As for the weird stuff… hmm, grin n bear it I guess. It’s not fun but what else can I do?

Being ill sucks.



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