Gun Control and Snap Reactions

15 12 2012

With the truly shocking events in Connecticut, social media is alight with the usual exclamations about how guns should be banned. It’s extremely irritating to read these things and I unfollowed someone because of their devotion to these messages.

Let me explain why.

My words in a tweet were “Mourn first, investigate second, then when all the facts are known, discuss not bicker”. There’s a time and a place to jump on the bandwagon of pro or anti gun, it’s NOT within the first few hours. No matter your stance, let any emotion go to mourning, I understand the anger but it won’t help anyone.

Let’s move onto why many of the predominantly anti gun messages are dumb (and therefore counterproductive).

Could you ban guns in the US? No. It’s enshrined in law about the right to bear arms, plus there are so many in the US that a ban would be nigh on impossible to effect. Oh, and the political fallout would be catastrophic enough to make it a no go.

There are things that can be done to reduce the number of weapons, but please wait for answers from CT. Don’t sully the memories with idealism, for everyone’s sake, including your own.




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