Back To The (Self) Meds

3 01 2013

A little while ago I said I was using alcohol as a way to calm my head down. I stopped because I had work (finally) and I was only really drinking out of habit, wasn’t waiting for the need to kick in. Now I still have work but I’m back to drinking because there is a need, my head has got noisy again.

The amounts I’m drinking aren’t big, more than normal, less than the previous time. Just want to stop my head from playing it’s own version of Mario Kart. Started back on the alcohol before Xmas because… well, Xmas. My head wasn’t running multi player on Rainbow Road at the time, as with other mentalists I wasn’t coping with the sociable aspect of the season. And I haven’t stopped. Now it’s because my head is tearing round the track skidding on banana skins, n getting smacked by turtle shells.

Did I discuss the possible cause/effect of alcohol? Don’t think so but I don’t think it is related unless I don’t drink and then it might be. I’m over analysing this aren’t I. Screw it, do what you gotta do to survive, even if you don’t know why you are surviving.



2 responses

3 01 2013

Great imagery going on there. Especially as I am now imagining it through my own awesome skillz at Mario kart. Off track every 5 seconds. Every 2 seconds with star power! Haha love it. Sucks you have to drink like that though 😦

3 01 2013

*shrugs* Don’t know any other way tbh. Glad you like the Mario Kart imagery πŸ™‚ forgot about the star power

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