Action Plan

12 02 2013

Things have been not so good for me for the past… before Xmas I think. Either that or I’m having two bad patches close together and getting a bit confused (which is probably the case). Now I need a plan of action.

As things stand, I’m almost halfway through a course of diazepam for my anxiety and whilst it helps, the anxiety is still there. If you’ve been reading my past couple of posts you’ll have noticed I’ve been more unstable and I’ve no idea where my mood is going. One of the side effects of diazepam is depression so it may be because of that.

Makes you wonder what happens after the diazepam is stopped.

I think it would be prudent to arrange a GP appointment for the end of the course of meds to discuss options. This is likely to be a referral back to the CMHT as there’s not much the GP can realistically do (so he said) and he’s unwilling to extend the meds.

Problems I can foresee? Probably the long time it’ll take to see the CMHT. What it’s going to be like coming off the diazepam (I seem to be sensitive to certain meds, I don’t know why). How this is going to affect my work I don’t know either.

Going to try not to think about it else I’ll end up catastrophising over it. Just going to set a reminder to make an appointment and try to keep my head down.

Hope all is well with you n that I’m not making you worry. Sorry if I have, I just… sorry.




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