Out Of Sorts

26 03 2013

Yup, my sorts are out of stock. I’m… I dunno, things are a bit weird at the moment and dealing with it clearly isn’t my strong suit. Hang on, I’ll try to get my words straight and try again, bear with me…

Right, on the one hand I have a situation which is important to me but won’t go into detail about. Suffice to say at the moment it’s causing a good amount of confusion in me. On the other hand I have… been dating, nothing serious, just putting myself out there as it were which wouldn’t be an issue aside from it too is causing me confusion.

My point? Both involve me interacting with people. Now, something I rediscovered (how the hell I lost it I’m not 100% sure) about myself is that I’m pretty good at body language. Interacting with cues is comfortable for me, assuming I’m paying attention at the time (admittedly not my strong suit).

I also tend to apply a form of guesswork which is me applying logical human action into the mix. Best way to describe it is that you know when you are driving along and instinctively you know that car in the inside lane is going to pull out. That.

However, should things fall outside that logic (I know, who knew humans were so unpredictable?) then I’m totally stumped. Not a clue what to think and/or do. The result? My brain does it’s overthinking thing and, more often than not, I remain confused because I don’t know what to say/do.

This manifests in the whole dating thing with mixed messages and people blowing hot n cold. I do say to myself “Whatever happens happens, I’m not predicting anything” because otherwise I’d obsess a lot more than I currently am, but still it irks me.

I know some of my anxiety stems from this and I know I’m losing sleep over it but I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions? Seriously, any n all suggestions welcome because I don’t know how to deal with it. Thanks.

The situation? Not going into it, that… I dunno, let’s leave it at ‘not going into it’



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