The Final Stand

29 03 2013

I’m writing this hoping that today will be the end of things. Should it be the case then know this. It took too long to happen. Should have been dead so many years ago.

I had hope you know, I once thought passion and dedication would work, would make a difference, stop the bullshit surrounding being mental because whilst those cunts in power argue over who is worth saving and who is wasting their time (hint: EVERYONE IS WORTH IT YOU FUCKING ARSEWIPES , YOU’RE JUST TOO SHIT TO KNOW THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE YOU COMPLETE CUNT).

I have issues, that much is blatantly obvious but do I get help? No, because some cunt thinks that some bullahit personality disorder isn’t worth their time. HELLO! PAIN IS PAIN YOU FUCKWIT•

Can’t keep ddoing this shit. I’m comfortably numb thanks to meds n alccohol which allows me to be honest. I want to hang myself. i want to blow my brains out after painting the wall with the phrase “Here are my thoughts fuckers” so badly wish to not exist but here I AM. Hopefut that will change by the end of this.

Can’t say am od sound mind but one vein of truth running throughout everything is that I genuinely love you exceptions, from Zoe, Lotte, to Helen n the guys. Don’t fuck up like me. I’ve always seen the hope and potential within you. Please don’t waste it. You’re way more awesome that I could cogently express

Let me go. Please
. Let the suffering end. I love you all but I can’t do it anymore. Whatever it it is.

So much love my heart burst to all



One response

29 03 2013

Null, please don’t do it mate. I know I’m a fucking hypocrite because in theory I believe everyone should have the agency to kill themselves if they wish, but I’m afraid feelings crop in here. You’re worth so much more than you think you are, and you’ve enriched my life greatly over all the months I’ve known you. I’m certain I’m not the only one.

You’re right; they’re all cunts, and they should burn. But you are not a cunt, and you shouldn’t burn. Fuck them all. You’re worth 10billion if them. You would be missed greatly if you were gone.

I’m being selfish, I know. You’re fucking suffering, and here I am telling you not to end that misery. But you have so much to give and you’re worth a fucking lot, I promise.

(This is not sycophancy or just a standard “don’t off yourself because that’s what I’m meant to say” – I mean it all sincerely.)

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