Words With Mentals

29 03 2013

I just apexed.

I just dropped.

I’m looking for that word, the one defining word which describes when your thoughts turn sour, when they suddenly fade to grey.

I had a moment last night exactly like that, the feeling pervades today. Just standing there, socializing, it had gotten busy, and whatever kept me up drained away, like someone had pulled the plug on a bath.

I know my fellow mentals know that feeling well, had it so (too?) many times. Just surprised there’s no word whose meaning is all of the above. The Japanese have a word for the long term unemployed who keep searching for work because they’ve been such a major part of life there for so long. We’ve been feeling this drop for so long, why haven’t we got a specific word for it? Hell, if the media can create shitty words that end up being in common use, why can’t we have a good word for that feeling?

I’d settle for not having that feeling but a word for it would be good. Either way.



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