Life Is Hard

2 04 2013

Life is hard. I’ll admit that that can be a relative thing because there are those who suffer greater hardships than some guy sat in his room tapping on the screen of his smartphone talking about how life is hard. But let me finish…

Life is hard. The universe is vast and uncaring. No matter what walk of life you have the good/bad fortune to be born into, there will always be pain and suffering.

But there will always be love and kindness. There has to be otherwise we wouldn’t/couldn’t have evolved to where we are now.

There will always be violence and hate because that’s part of the human condition, it’s how we have protected, and will protect, ourselves from the unknown. But without that ability to dare, to trust, to love and be loved, you wouldn’t be reading these words, I wouldn’t be writing them, none of us would exist.

I hate. I hate to see those I care about hurting, I wish I could absorb all that pain so they could be happy. I’m used to pain, in my own way, so I’d accept it gladly because seeing those I care about happy makes me happy.

I have grandiose ideas. Ideas like men should stop being such pussies and get over their fear of being vulnerable regardless of how much they trust someone. Ideas like if you see something different then you don’t automatically attack it.

*sigh* I’m going off on a tangent so I’ll get back to the point.

Despite the differences, despite the ups and downs of life, despite the pain we may cause each other from time to time, in the end we still have the capacity to love, to care. And with that, somehow (at least to me) the vast uncaring universe isn’t so scary.

Much love





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