Proceeding In An Orderly Manner

17 04 2013

Things are not going terribly well at the moment. Ok, strictly speaking that’s not correct. Things in my head are going badly whilst things outside my head are going pretty well. Confusing huh.

I have a plan. It is, without question, a pretty fucked up plan. How weird can it be? Well, if I say that it’s messing with my head yet is exactly where I think it should be, that should hint at how strange it is. Still, it’s a plan and as long as it proceeds in the direction it is then all is good.

Not entirely sure what I’m trying to say. Am just… I dunno. I just…. *sigh* dunno. Bit of a waste of a blog post but needed to get it out (even if it makes no sense.



One response

18 04 2013

I often write and make little sense, sometimes it’s just good to dump it out there. I think I know what you mean about things not going well in the head, but outside they are going ok. I suppose for me I refer to it as when I have make up on etc…I look ok, I’m functioning, I’m in Sainsburys, I’m collecting 8yo from school…..but in my head, the letters are being written, the plans all in place, and the voices are goading me hideously…

Anyway *shrugs* making little sense myself

Take care Null xx

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