The Plan

27 04 2013

My last post alluded to a plan. This has been queried by a couple of people. The thing is that the plan is… not exactly family friendly and so I’ve skirted round it, only referring to it as ‘The Plan’ (but without the capital letters. Think it’s the mood or whatever so for one night only, The Plan.

I am a facilitator by nature, I like to make things happen. I want to improve the lives of certain people, make sure they are living a good life. And then? I disappear. Where will I go? A hole in the ground.

Fairly simple huh. Some may say a fair bit fucked up. I would, but then that’s because when the plan is going well, my life generally isn’t. Not fun but then it’s odd as it actually feels alright.

Dear god, anyone would think I’m submissive. I’m not (quite the opposite but that’s a whole other blog post).

Anyway, the plan is there and it is what it is. Quite a short blog post but I’m still in that situation where being constructive in my writing takes a lot of effort. Once the main bit is done, so am I. Frustrating as I feel I should be writing more but I don’t know what or how *sigh*



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