Need A Map

24 05 2013

I’m… losing it. Not entirely sure what “it” is, but I have that feeling inside my head where I… I dunno. Think the “it” may be me. Hard to explain really.

It seems I’m becoming more separated from myself somehow. Things aren’t sitting right in my head, as if my brain is a square peg and I’ve tried ramming it into the triangular hole.

Beginning to think that I’ll be ok with people I know, but I shouldn’t go out in public because… I don’t know. Anxiety has been making a comeback too, nowhere near as severe, but it’s screwing my head.

Damned if I know where I’m going with this. I just… wish I knew what to do now



2 responses

24 05 2013

I totally understand that separating from yourself feeling. I find it often increases my anxiety.

24 05 2013

I can totally relate. This is exactly where I’ve been lately. It’s starting to get better. I hope you find some peace of mind.

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