Drunken Ramblings

17 08 2013

Yeah, I’m drunk, and I plan on staying that way for a while because… I’ve had a bad day and why the hell not. Be warned though, I’m likely to swear like a motherfucker.

Oops. Anyway mutha hubbards, I’m getting wrecked on champagne (I know, get me with the champagne n shit, but it’s my happy drink so ner), Veuve Cliquot if you really want to know the brand (drinking this will make you poorer in the wallet but richer in spirit…. now where’s my free booze?).

The point is that I am not coping and so… well it kinda writes itself doesn’t it (especially thanks to autocorrect). My actual point? No idea, but I can vent my brain into the ether and… yeah, you know the deal………

Nothing else I can say really, I’m sure if it’s got to this point, the regular readers know what’s going on. I’m in a bad place and… I dunno




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