Another Random Update

13 02 2015

Holy crap! It’s been a while since I was last scrawling my thoughts across the digital ether. Seems to be I only do it when things have gotten decidedly worse and I can’t open up to friends and family.

So…. good news and bad news really I guess. Good news is that I haven’t needed to post in… almost five whole months. Bad news is, well, I’m posting now which, as described above, meaning I am… yeah.

It would be fair to say I’ve lost a degree of control, to the point where the Tourrettes (sic?) head twitches are back with a vengeance, can’t even stop them at work, merely dampen them. I’m struggling to be social, although I am making efforts to be social… just gets… tiring and/or uncontrolled in aspects of behaviour. So I am becoming notably more insular. On top of this my thoughts are out of whack which is a double edged sword. Good side, my writing is getting more prominent, block isn’t an issue, but bad side is it makes just going through normal life extremely difficult.

All in all, not sure how things are going to go, whether or not I can keep my shit together so I can keep working. Good job I’m not bad at doing things on the fly and making it up as I go along.

Can’t think of anything else to write, but at least I have some of it out of my head and somewhere for future reference.



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