20 06 2015

As ever, beyond the respite of everything being well… things have (as they have a habit of doing) gone a fair bit Pete Tong within the confines of my cranium.

It’s not easy to write as I’m having difficulty in cognosticating in a way that makes cogent sense.

Yes I did just make a word up.

What do I want? My head to stop feeling weird, alcohol to help, to do ‘fun things’ with someone Northern (you know who you are), to stop… I dunno…

Just wanna not be me for a while.

This post is pretty obtuse, I’m just hoping that at some point my head will straighten out (more than it currently is). Until then it’s a case of me babbling about how I seem to have lost myself. To be fair, that’s a bit wide of the mark, I haven’t lost myself, more I’m confused… pretty much constantly.

What now? No idea, I’m confused remember. Sheesh. Oh the joys of rhetoricals.

Disappointing post, I know, hopefully I’ll make more sense of it all soon… or disappear up my own arse



One response

20 06 2015

Hmmm curiouser and curiouser…. sending many hugs and much love anyway x

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