Make Or Break

2 06 2013

I seem to be on a roll recently with my blogging, whether or not that makes any difference to anyone (including me) is uncertain, but hey, why argue with it? Right now I’ve been thinking (a dangerous hobby) and…

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Happy Families

26 12 2011

That’s one game I struggle to play. As such it’s not been the greatest weekend for me, just try to ignore things and keep myself to myself. I don’t begrudge people for enjoying this time but I either can’t or don’t wish to.

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Sounds From The Pumpkin Patch

30 10 2011

Well, here we are, rapidly approaching All Hallows Eve (Halloween if you’re confused) and so I thought a little bit of music would help out a little bit. Probably will be a bit of a ghost theme to this one, but come on in and see what lies in wait.

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Audio Exploration

23 10 2011

Ok, so I’ve spent a little time in the social network wilderness but now I’m back from my break. As such I thought I’d do a little post to bring you some musical musings, just to easy everyone into the Sunday, and get things rocking again.

Righty ho, lets get to it.


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Musical Makeup

26 08 2011

Well, this is a follow up to the last music post which I felt was a bit crap tbh. At the moment, I’m killing time before I head off to see my GP for a referral back to the Community Mental Health Team. I suspect they’re gonna be fuck all use again but that’s not the point, lets get on with the tunes. Read the rest of this entry »

Musical Sins

24 08 2011

It’s music time! And this time I even have a theme rather than the random collection of tunes.

As you can gues fom the title we’re going to have seven videos, representing in their own way, the deadly sins. Sit back, relax prepare to sin. Be warned that some of the videos may be a little… out there Read the rest of this entry »

Hold Music

22 07 2011

I know I’m not blogging like a mad man just yet (possibly because I’m only technically insane), and I haven’t done a music based post for absolutely ages. Reckon it’s time to do such a post so you have something to entertain you whilst I wait for inspiration.

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