Hello Stranger

26 08 2014

It’s been a while. Don’t know why I haven’t been writing, I just… haven’t.

*sigh* I guess it’s more a case of not having had anything to write, which is likely caused by not being uncontrollably mental… kinda suggests that I’m currently somewhere in the outer reaches of sanity. An almost accurate summation of things.

I’ve been feeling sketchy for a while, but it’s been sliding into instability. That means I’m back on a higher dosage of, ahem, medication. All the old, familiar traits haven been surfacing, including (but not limited to) Tourrettes style twitching, inability to tolerate company for extended periods, and of course the classic intense suicide ideation.

I……. I don’t know…. I wanted to vent but I can’t seem to do it to a satisfactory level. Words, sentences, paragraphs, these things are failing to materialise into any cohesive structure to help.

Fuck, I’m even delving into verbosity… balls. Not exactly what I’d hoped for. Time to abandon post and try again another time


Waking And Reviewing

4 01 2014

So I wake from my reverie, fuzziness slowly dissipating, reality and my consciousness eyeing each other up like strangers across a crowded room, moving together slowly. An hour in and everything is going well… but… the cracks appear… you know how it is.

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Extended Tweeter

1 01 2014

There’s only so much that can be said in 140 characters, so whilst I’d normally head to Twitter to scream into the ether, it’s here that this will take place. *Avoid if you want to stay happy* Read the rest of this entry »

Cast Away

31 12 2013

I feel… a little adrift, as if my mind is floating away from the shores of reality. I don’t know why but that’s the way it feels.

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Rhandum Stuff

14 12 2013

I deleted my last post because, on reflection, I decided it was shit, so I get to start again.

So… I live on my own. Was this a good idea?

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Tis The Season

22 11 2013

I’m not coping terribly well at the moment. The thoughts are reaching a pain threshold and I don’t know what to do. I.. *sigh* maybe breaking it down will help.

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17 11 2013

I have a job, it pays a very reasonable wage. I’ve got a car that’s quick yet frugal. I’ve just moved into a nice place in a good neighbourhood. Let’s face it, my life is pretty good right now… except

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