Results Part 6 – The Future

In general, how optimistic are you about the future of mental health treatment?

Not at all = 40.3%

A little = 31.9%

Quite optimistic = 27.8%

Very = 0.0%

Is there anything you’d like to see happen?

1 – More local support,more educational,I am doing a research Psycho Education study=1hr per week x 21 weeks, It is very very beneficial to me, meeting ‘likeminded’ people, I don’t feel so isolated, and I will be sad when it finishes in 4 weeks.

2 – The Government to stop paying lip service to metal health issues. Provide proper funding, support and facilities.

3 – Psychiatrists getting a free foreign holidays from pharma representative, these corruptions ought to stop. dependency on drugs with no proof to work at all used on people regularly. (inhumane) GP prescribing too many psychotropics too often leaving patients on these drugs for years to no end. (idiotic)

4 – people be more accepting.

5 – Less harassment and threats to get ill people into work.

6 – I’d like it to be known as brain disorder not mental health which denotes personal weakness. I’d like a cure for bi polar. I’d like everyone to understand i have a severe disability and how hard that is to live with.

7 – More funding of frontline services (eg doctors rather than managers). Less “dumbing down” of psychiatric services – I’m not sure patients get the best quality assesment and prescribing if well-trained doctors are replaced with nurse prescribers.

8 – Better medications.

9 – Quicker acsess to services, more help many mental health sufferers have diffuculty communicating because of confidence etc by phone yet this seems to be the favourite form of communication…..hence im not getting the care I need.

10 – better funding.

11 – you are totally underresourced and understaffed.

12 – A lot more workplace support and education about mental health in the workplace.

13 – the stigma to be removed.

14 – More funding for mental health. As much money given to Bipolar,as Cancer !!!!!

15 – More mental heath training for drs,receptionists,nurses,police.

16 – More research in to things such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation & vagal nerve stimulation & acceptance and use of ECT. Access to psychology & counselling being given more of a priority. For all hospitals to give higher priority to Occupational therapy or other activity aside from sleep. Access to day service to ease transition from hospital to home & return to work.

17 – Better understanding of parent-child issues.

18 – recognition that mental health problems are real.

19 – CBT would be good at some stage.

20 – I received excellent care because I had health insurance and was able to see both my psychiatrist and psychology privately. I am no having to transition to the NHS after my insurer withdrew support and, frankly, the care is woeful. I have waited months for even a first consultation with my new psychiatrist and the GPs at my practice never read my notes, fail to understand what’s really wrong, give out wrong information about my condition to other doctors and – together with the shouty letters from the community mental health team – generally make me feel like A Mad Person. Mental health care under the NHS needs a radical overhaul with far better access to counselling and psychological support and far less GP access to a bunch of pills administered with very little thought or understanding. If I hadn’t had private health care for my mental illness, I don’t know where I’d be. I possibly wouldn’t be here at all.

21 – a more holistic approach.

22 – More communication between A&E, GP, mental health team. Access to CPN, appointments with psychiatrist are few and far between, and the only topic of conversation is medication.

23 – dont get me started, its pathetic.

24 – first aid for mania to prevent police being called.

25 – Quite looking forward to the self help program that has been developed by Cardiff University.

26 – More talking therapies, esp complex needs services, intenstive therapy for ocd, personality disorders. Less focus on medications. More OT opportunities, day centres. There is nothing near where I live.

27 – treatment tailored to the individual rather than a rigid diagnosis/set of symptoms.

28 – easier access to counselling, doctors, etc. helpline. alternatives to drugs.

29 – Self-referral to psychiatric services.

30 – Improved mental health services so I can feel better and enjoy life again instead of feeling I just exist all for nothing.

31 – more help, i feel like a fish out of water at the moment and don’t know where to turn.

32 – GPs more aware so diagnosed earlier – had bp all my life but not diagnosed until age 58.

33 – a lot shorter ‘waiting’ times.

34 – patient choice which hospital you can attend.

35 – more acces to psychological counselling CBT.

36 – More solid scientific basis for mental health treatment using more causal means as opposed to statistical links in the first instance. A more transparent process of diagnostic ‘boundary setting’ in the DSM etc. with a view to applying manifestations in cross-cultural psychiatric settings as opposed to the application of the ‘american’ model of psychiatry to cultures and environments which are not automatically receptive. Greater objectivity in diagnosis based on relative differences against the individual person’s mean level and not a snapshot ‘model’ of normality that is in the head of the person making the diagnosis where possible. Measurable biochemical tests for diagnosis on an objective scale.

37 – no

38 – More money put into talking and alternative therapies, respite houses, more floating support workers, more advocacy workers

39 – More consultation with people who have MH issues. More training for GPs in how to deal with MH issues. More money to train care providers as the waiting lists are too long for everything.

40 – Better diagnosis faster


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