The Diary

I write a lot, not really as a diary but just whenever the need takes I write. Whenever I’m properly ill I have no choice but to write as one of my things is to go non verbal, dunno why exactly but I have a theory. The only way I can describe it is that talking requires a lot of emotion right there and then and my mind can’t deal with it so I write in order to communicate without getting confused etc.

Anyway, the point of this is to introduce some of my writings which I decided to publish because… seemed like the thing to do to be honest. Not sure what anyone will get out of it but let’s give it a go anyway (names have been changed to protect etc). Plus I’ve put it down exactly how I wrote it so expect a little bad language, spelling mistakes, and all the rest.

I guess the best reason to put them up here is to show what minds go through when in crisis and show that no, you’re not the only one. At least that’s the theory.

To navigate click on the links below, each page will have links forward and backwards or click The Diary on the main menu above to come back here. The entries are in chronological order so it’s best to start from the beginning but hey, mix and match however you want.

My Crisis Part 1
Continued Fun
My Crisis Part 2
Me vs The World
How Time Is Spent
And The Beat Goes On
Up The Steps, Down The Slide
The Ebb Of The Soul
Self Esteamed


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