And The Beat Goes On

‘Well that went alright, I got what I hoped to get which was having the section removed and, whilst being here is not ideal, I can at least use it to get myself back on track. My mood is good as I have the control back in my life and I can appreciate that I need to stay somewhere safe for the time being. There’s also moves to help me at least start the recovery process which gives me a tentative future perspective.

Another change of pen as I’ve received a load of my stuff in, which has made life easier. It was brought in by my girlfriend which led to a slightly odd meeting as the air was cleared of misunderstandings and we kinda come to a comfortable position. The weird thing was that I’m unsure as to what I really want, I mean… I dunno, maybe it can work but I won’t know that until we have a sit down somewhere quiet and lay our cards on the table. Hopefully we can work things out one way or another and resolve the gaps in our relaionship one way or another. I believe this is what’s required for me to progress in my treatment. What I need to do is start figuring out all the things that I want from the relationship so that I can approach it in a calm and controlled manner as I’m aware that things could get stressful.

Perhaps my girlfriend and I need to see a relationship counsellor, sort of an intermediary to help resolve some of the things that are causing friction between us and making me a fair bit stressed. If they are insurmountable then I’ll know that it wasn’t for lack of trying because I do love her but I honestly can’t see a way forward past the various issues on which we disagree.

Perhaps there is a way forward, unfortunately there’s nothing I can see that will make this so, maybe that’s why I believe we need an intermediary.

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