How Time Is Spent

‘Wish I could say things had improved and in certain ways they have, talking or rather chatting with the staff has chilled me out and I expect that I shouldn’t get worse as long as that link is maintained either with staff or my friends. Still don’t want to eat but then I’m not expecting miracles today, just hoping the section is removed today and I can get the hell out of here. That’s the hope anyway, I’m trying to be prepared to get none of the above but it’s hard to even consider some of it.

Just want to go back to my room and wait untill either I have a visit or the doctor turns up.

I’ve had a visit which helped and was told I looked better than yesterday which I most definately felt. Caught up with another friend who I’ve been concerned about and it seems we both had horrendous afternoons… and evenings… but there’s determination to get through this from both sides and maybe have a declutter of our lives as it’s amazing how much rubbish piles up in your life that you don’t want or need.

Still waiting for the doctor, still not eaten anything, and now I’ve got a bit of a headache brewing so fun times ahead I guess.

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