‘Damn I need to get laid.

Sounds bizarre but sex can be theraputic for some people. Think about it, the mental stimulation of working with someone to get them off, the emotional stimulation of the intimacy and the playing (sex is meant to be fun so have fun), and the chemical stimulation, adrenaline and endorpins are a beautiful cocktail.

This solution isn’t for everyone as some people are too angry for it, for some sex = love which isn’t the case, just because you slept with someone doesn’t mean you’re going to spend the rest of your life with them.

Ok, there is an emotional link which lasts beyond the sex, at least there is if it was with the right person. However, this doesn’t automatically lead to love, it can lead to friends ‘with benefits’ or just to happy memories which are a valuable thing in this world. If it does lead to love then there’s either mental workings of sex = love or there’s a deeper connection there which can hardly be a bad thing if it’s mutual. I can see this viewpoint being controversial so I’ll leave it there.

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